Soul Knight 6.4.0 MOD APK Menu PRO, Unlimited Full Money, Energy, Gems, Immortality, One Hit, Free Shopping, Unlock All, VIP

Soul Knight 6.4.0 MOD APK Menu PRO, Unlimited Full Money, Energy, Gems, Immortality, One Hit, Free Shopping, Unlock All, VIP

By Ly Hoai Thu - July 11, 2024
Soul Knight MOD APK 6.4.0 Android
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher ChillyRoom
Size 363MB
Version 6.4.0 (Latest)
Price FREE Google Play
Update July 11, 2024 (2 days ago )

Play as a hero in the game Soul Knight, you will carry out missions based on an attractive storyline. Your adventure revolves around fighting aliens in many different locations. Use your power to destroy enemies, wipe out the entire world to win, complete missions and receive rewards. At the same time, you will complete the assigned mission.

Soul Knight is a role-playing game from publisher ChillyRoom, with many unique features waiting for you to explore. Graphics are designed in retro style, sounds simulate each activity, and many other interesting features are waiting for you to explore.

Soul Knight – The Journey to Reclaim the Magic Stone

The era of war causes all conflicts to be resolved by battles. The magic stone maintains the balance of the world’s powers, but is also the target of many powers. After the appearance of aliens with high-tech weapons, the magic stone is easily stolen, breaking the balance. Facing the danger of the apocalypse and the destruction of humanity, a hero must appear to reclaim the stone and restore the world’s balance.

Soul Knight MOD

Hero system with superior combat abilities and unique skills

In Soul Knight, you perform quests according to the game’s storyline, playing the role of one of many heroes with superior fighting abilities and unique skills. Some typical heroes include ninjas, warriors, knights, robots, witches and wizards. Each character has a unique appearance, costume and weapon, creating a difference through appearance. You can change the appearance of the hero by collecting equipment and accessories in the game. Join Soul Knight to discover more heroes.Game Soul Knight MOD

Over 270 weapons for unique attack styles

Soul Knight offers a diverse arsenal of over 270 different types of weapons. Weapons include swords, shields, guns, hammers, shurikens, and many more waiting to be discovered. Each weapon offers a unique attack style. For example, shurikens can be launched from a distance to silently assassinate enemies, laser guns shoot high-temperature light beams that cause enemies to lose blood, or swords are flexible in close combat. Each weapon has its own advantages, so it is necessary to learn carefully to use it most effectively.

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Capture pets to accompany you on adventures

In addition to collecting weapons to change the hero’s fighting style, you can also capture pets to accompany you on your adventures. During the battle, you will have the opportunity to capture many different pets such as cats, dogs, unicorns, and many others. Pets not only accompany the hero throughout the journey but also support the battle, attack enemies and cause certain damage.

Story Missions

Carrying out the game’s storyline missions, you will adventure in the dungeon to fight against alien creatures. Each level opens up difficult challenges, requiring players to overcome many areas. Accompanying the hero, you will begin the adventure to confront dangerous enemies. Use weapons and skills to destroy each enemy, wipe them all out and advance to the new area. When you overcome all areas, you will complete the mission of that level.

Soul Knight

In the face of difficult challenges, you can cooperate with friends and other heroes in Soul Knight. Together, you will overcome the next challenges, fighting against the fiercely attacking alien creatures. Mutual support and cooperation are the best ways to deal with bosses in boss battles. The fierce attack of the boss makes it difficult to fight alone. Therefore, fighting with friends will increase the winning rate.

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