Bullet Echo 6.5.2 MOD APK Speed, No Ads

Bullet Echo 6.5.2 MOD APK Speed, No Ads

By Ly Hoai Thu - July 11, 2024
Bullet Echo MOD APK 6.5.2 Android
Requires Android 6.0
Publisher ZeptoLab
Size 207MB
Version 6.5.2 (Latest)
Price FREE Google Play
Genre ,
Update July 11, 2024 (2 days ago )

Bullet Echo is a multiplayer action shooter game where you can explore different modes. The game is engaging with survival gameplay on the map, using a top-down perspective to provide an overview. However, visibility is limited due to the dark environment, which can only be observed with a flashlight. Intuitive controls make it easy for players to move and perform actions. 2D graphics and realistic sound effects enhance the player’s experience.

Bullet Echo – Shooting War On The Map In The Dark

Before starting, the Bullet Echo game will guide you through the controls in detail. To move the character, use the virtual joystick. The usage is similar to many other games: just touch and rotate your finger to move. The game displays the number of bullets in the right corner of the screen and has a first aid kit icon to heal when needed. The top-down view helps you observe and use the control features effectively. You need to flexibly combine operations to shoot down enemies, survive and win.

Bullet Echo MOD

Shoot for survival to be the last survivor, win and get achievements

Join the survival shooter mode in Bullet Echo. Play as a gunner, fight with other opponents. Each unit is a faction, attacking each other. Move on the map, search for equipment and use it to destroy the enemy. Protect yourself to become the last surviving gunner, win and achieve achievements. Get rewards such as bonuses, experience points, gold cups and badges. Continue new matches, face attacks from many opponents.

Game Bullet Echo MOD

Various modes like Team Battle, Solo and Battle Royale

Bullet Echo offers exciting gunfights with various modes such as Team Battle, Solo and Battle Royale, each with its own unique and dramatic gameplay.

  • Team Battle
    In Team Battle mode, players will team up with other shooters to cooperate and fight against the opposing team. The goal is to shoot down the entire enemy team to win and get rewards.
  • Solo
    Solo mode allows you to challenge other players or friends. The match takes place on a random map in a low-light environment, requiring players to demonstrate their skills to become the last survivor.
  • Battle Royale
    Battle Royale is a survival battle between 5 small teams on a map. The battle area gradually narrows over time, creating fierce matches. The match lasts until only one team or one member is left alive, thereby determining the winner or loser.

Each mode requires excellent shooting skills and strategy to destroy enemies and survive.

Download Bullet Echo MOD

Various weapons such as rifles, machine guns, laser guns, shotguns

Bullet Echo has a variety of weapons to attack. On the map, you can find a variety of items such as rifles, machine guns, laser guns, shotguns, and many others. Each gun has its own attack style and limited quantity. You can change weapons by moving to different locations to search. In addition, grenades are also a useful weapon, creating a powerful explosion, causing widespread damage. This will be a great help in many situations.

Bullet Echo

Bullet Echo currently has many characters for you to choose from, including Cyclops, Blot, Stalker, Raven, and many more waiting to be discovered. Each character has a unique appearance, appearance, outfit, and hairstyle. They also possess unique weapons to join the battle, which can be changed during the battle. Each character’s ability is evaluated through stats such as strength, health, damage, and defense.

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