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Regarding content, HACMODAPK.COM publicly shares all articles about games and applications. All articles are collected from the internet, edited according to the sole opinion of the HACMODAPK.COM team for publication. Therefore, the content on the website is only objective, all readers or users need to carefully read the information and select it before using it.

All content on the website is free to users. However, you need to consider before using our content. Because all problems such as damage, related injuries occur, we will not be responsible but choose for yourself. For example: Damage to computers, phones, malicious code, harmful files, etc.

The next issue of content that we want you to understand. All content on this website including: games, applications, articles posted is not under our control, we are just the hosting. These content are posted by individuals using this website through registering an account at this website. Therefore, all damages and losses when you use it are beyond the scope of our responsibility. Users need to consider and take responsibility for their own behavior here.

Leave your comments

You can leave your comments on the website and we welcome that. However, please leave constructive comments, suggestions and creativity for HACMODAPK.COM to improve better. It is strictly forbidden to use profanity, profanity, and profanity on this website. These actions will be handled by us and you may be held responsible for your actions.


Do not exclude anyone. Everyone can use this website. However, you need to be aware of your actions on the website because all problems related to us are not responsible at all. It is up to you to decide to use it, HACMODAPK.COM does not force you.

Advertising – External Links

All game content, applications on the website are completely free. After that, we will place google ads to get revenue to maintain the system. You can click on the ad if it is good or useful. However, we are not responsible when you take this action. Off-site links are also not under our control, so please review them carefully before accessing.

Change terms

These are terms of use only – provisional policy of HACMODAPK.COM public to users. We reserve the right to change our controls at any time, so before using the site you should immediately review our terms. Thank you and look forward to your cooperation to have the best MODLMH.COM.


For copyright issues as well as the Digital Millennium Act (“DMCA”. All posts about games, applications, articles are believed to infringe the copyright of a certain individual or organization. We will not be responsible before the law, nor will we compensate the copyright holder for any copyright infringement on this website. Reason: We’re just a host, that content we can’t control. However, we will quickly coordinate and cooperate to remove such copyrighted content as soon as we are contacted. Commit to processing within 24 hours.


MODLMH.COM thank you for reading these terms. Once again, we would like to reiterate:

  • All articles including: Games, applications, articles on this website are not posted by us but by individual users of this website. We only store this information, so we are not responsible for any problems that cause users when using the website.
  • The content on the website is for reference only. All files may be modified. You need to think before taking a related action.
  • All files on the website are not created by HACMODAPK.COM. It is posted by members and we are just a place to store it. We are not responsible for any related legal issues.
  • All computer and phone damage. Damage to property of individuals and companies using MODLMH.COM is beyond our control. It’s all up to you to choose. If you do not agree to the terms, please terminate the connection now.
  • Copying content must record the source of HACMODAPK.COM
  • We are not responsible for any actions you take on this website.
  • For individuals, the company owns the copyright to the posts and content that our members post on the website. We will remove the content immediately upon receiving notice from you.. Thank you!
  • Any copyright issues please  contact us. The MODLMH.COM team will handle it quickly and cooperatively.