Vegas Crime Simulator 6.4.5 MOD APK Unlimited Coins, Gems

Vegas Crime Simulator 6.4.5 MOD APK Unlimited Coins, Gems

By Ly Hoai Thu - July 6, 2024
Vegas Crime Simulator MOD APK 6.4.5 Android
Requires Android 4.1
Publisher Naxeex Ltd
Size 90MB
Version 6.4.5 (Latest)
Price FREE Google Play
Update July 6, 2024 (1 week ago )

Have you ever imagined yourself as a big city mafia with unlimited power, and can do anything you want? If the answer is “yes”, then Vegas Crime Simulator is the game for you. With great graphics and diverse gameplay, this game will take you into a dramatic and fascinating world of crime.

Vegas Crime Simulator – Explore the Crime World and Destroy the City

Vegas Crime Simulator 6.4.5 MOD APK is an action role-playing game developed by Naxeex LLC, where players have the opportunity to experience the life of a gangster in the vibrant city of Las Vegas. In the Vegas Crime Simulator, players will be taken into the city of Las Vegas with its brightly lit streets and famous entertainment areas. From the streets to the casinos and hotels, you can explore every corner of this city and experience the life of a gangster.

Vegas Crime Simulator mod apk

Freely Move and Explore the City

Vegas Crime Simulator provides players with an open and free world to explore. From vibrant streets to entertainment areas and natural beauty, you can freely move around the city of Las Vegas. To move around the city, players can use a variety of means of transport, including cars, motorbikes, sports cars, and even helicopters. Each type of vehicle has its own characteristics and controls, creating a diverse and interesting travel experience. In the Vegas Crime Simulator, players can engage in a variety of criminal activities, from bank robberies to murder and fighting with the police. Each activity offers a dramatic and challenging experience, while also opening up opportunities to earn money and gain power-ups. Vegas Crime Simulator allows players to explore the famous and magical locations of the city of Las Vegas, such as shopping malls, and even filming stations. Each location gives players a special insight into the life and culture of this city.

Change Combat Weapons Flexibly

In the criminal world of the Vegas Crime Simulator MOD menu, weapons are an indispensable part of the daily life of gangsters. From self-defense to engaging in criminal activities, owning and using weapons plays an important role in protecting yourself and fighting opponents. Vegas Crime Simulator offers players a variety of different weapons to choose from, from fire guns, and rifles, to daggers and explosive weapons. Flexibility in weapon selection allows players to customize their tactics and fighting style depending on the specific situation and goals

Firearms and rifles are the two main types of weapons that players can use to destroy opponents from afar. With high accuracy and attack power, flintlocks and rifles are the top choices for long-distance combat in the game. Daggers and close-combat weapons such as clubs and whips are suitable choices for close-combat situations. The flexibility and speed of close combat weapons help players approach and attack opponents quickly and effectively. During major missions or conflicts, explosive weapons, and bombs can be a good choice to create massive destruction and destroy opponents. However, using explosive weapons and bombs also requires strategy and care to avoid hurting yourself and causing unwanted casualties.

Exploring the Characters

Vegas Crime Simulator MOD offers players a variety of main characters to choose from, each with unique characteristics and different lifestyles. From street gangsters to mafia bosses, each character has their own strengths, skills, and goals in this criminal world. Each character in the Vegas Crime Simulator is designed with a unique personality, from cold and cruel to intelligent and decisive. In addition, each character also has a special set of skills, helping them overcome challenges and win in crime fights. Vegas Crime Simulator gives players the ability to customize their character’s appearance and equipment as desired. From changing outfits and accessories to choosing weapons and vehicles, players can create a unique and stylish character.

Vegas Crime Simulator features

  • MOD Menu
  • Unlimited Full Lots of Money
  • Full Diamond
  • Immortal

With an expansive and diverse world, the Vegas Crime Simulator is the ideal game for those who want to explore and satisfy their curiosity about the world of crime. You will be free to do everything you want, from driving supercars to participating in dramatic battles. Get ready to experience the thrill and excitement of criminal life in Vegas Crime Simulator now!

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