The Ghost 1.45.1 MOD APK Unlock All

The Ghost 1.45.1 MOD APK Unlock All

By Ly Hoai Thu - July 11, 2024
The Ghost - Survival Horror MOD APK 1.45.1 Android
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher Gameplier
Size 395MB
Version 1.45.1 (Latest)
Price FREE Google Play
Update July 11, 2024 (2 days ago )

The Ghost is a horror adventure game that features two different locations at a school and a hospital. Each location recreates a unique environment, allowing you to explore the story there, facing the mysteries and dangers that await.

The game supports online multiplayer mode, with up to 5 participants per adventure, requiring a network connection. To increase the authenticity, Gameplier has built sharp 3D graphics and image quality in dark spaces. The sound is simulated realistically with deep melodies, bringing a scary feeling during the experience.

The Ghost – Horror Puzzle Adventure

Play as a character in The Ghost from a first-person perspective. Choose a location to start your journey. Engage in puzzle gameplay in dark spaces. Complete missions according to your role. Search for hidden objects and devices in many areas. Use them for further activities. Overcome challenges to survive the dangers. Or become a fearsome hunter, find and kill your prey before they escape. Choose your location and role to complete missions.

The Ghost MOD

The Story of New Wishlie

Find out the story of The Ghost at New Wishlie Hospital. You are a patient who has been treated here for 2 weeks. Early the next morning is the day of discharge, you plan to return home. But an unexpected event changes everything. At 2 am, a strange noise wakes you up. All the patients in the other rooms have disappeared without a trace. Only you and a few others are lucky to survive. The hospital becomes deserted, it seems like there was a riot. Through the press, you find out that this hospital is haunted. Now, you and the remaining people must find a way to escape to protect yourself and leave the hospital alive.

Game The Ghost MOD

The gameplay takes place in the hospital story of The Ghost

The gameplay takes place in the hospital of The Ghost. You are a patient, accompanying other friends to find a way to escape from the scary monster. Cooperate with each other to search for objects and solve puzzles to leave the hospital. Be careful in every situation, because you can lose your life at any time when encountering monsters. Perform tasks according to the system’s suggestions such as finding the battery, car keys, and fuel tank. Move to the vehicle’s location to start the engine and leave.

The Ghost

High School Story Between Emily and Leila

Discover the story of high school in the game The Ghost. Emily and Leila are two best friends, living together in a small house in a deserted town. Every Sunday, they often visit the cemetery. However, this time Emily feels something is wrong and decides to stay home. She looks out the window and sees Leila leave and a strange creature appears, crawling into Leila’s body.

Story Quests

This work is a thrilling story about The Ghost, the next day the main character, Emily, comes to school and discovers a terrifying incident: Leila has disappeared and a strange creature has replaced her. This creature constantly attacks and destroys, causing the school scene to become chaotic. Emily and other students must unite to fight against this creature to rescue Leila and protect the school.

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Revolving around the role of “The Ghost” in the game Bullet Echo, players can choose to play the role of a monster or a terrifying creature in each story. They will spread extreme fear in hospitals or schools, launching attacks to eliminate survivors. Their goal is to leave no soul behind, thereby completing the mission. However, when choosing to become a monster, they have to face loneliness, no support, and fight against attacks from opponents.

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