Plants vs Zombies 3.5.5 MOD APK Unlimited Full Money, Sun

Plants vs Zombies 3.5.5 MOD APK Unlimited Full Money, Sun

By Ly Hoai Thu - July 10, 2024
Plants vs Zombies MOD APK 3.5.5 Android
Requires Android 4.4
Size 97MB
Version 3.5.5 (Latest)
Price FREE Google Play
Update July 10, 2024 (3 days ago )

Plants vs Zombies is a strategy game where you use plants to fight off waves of zombies attacking your garden and house. The goal is to stop and kill the zombies before they invade. You will plant plants on the land to create effective defenses.

The game, published by ELECTRONIC ARTS, has many outstanding features. Each plant has its own special ability, along with the appearance of many different types of zombies, providing an interesting defensive combat experience. This game encourages strategic thinking and creativity of the player in protecting the garden from zombie attacks.

The game is not only entertaining but also develops the player’s resource management and planning skills, suitable for all ages.

Plants vs Zombies – Plant Plants To Fight Back Against Zombie Waves

Based on the game’s storyline, players will carry out missions against zombies through 50 levels with many different environments. In each level, you will plant plants on empty plots in the front garden. These plants will automatically attack zombies with their own special abilities as soon as they appear.

Players will take turns blocking each wave of zombies until they wipe them all out to win and protect the house. After that, they can continue the defense mission at a new level with increased difficulty. The number of attacking zombies will be greater and there will be new enemies with special abilities, making it more difficult to destroy them.

Plants vs Zombies MOD

Multiple combat environments

Each level in Plants vs Zombies has its own unique challenges. As you progress through each level, the combat environment will change accordingly. In addition to fighting during the day under the sunlight, you will also have to face attacks at night, when the zombies are at their most aggressive. In dense fog, it becomes difficult to spot enemies. Battles can take place on the rooftop of a building or a pond in a garden. Each environment requires the use of different types of plants to deal with zombies. For example, on land, you can plant most types of plants, but on a pond, you need to place lotus leaves before planting plants.

Game Plants vs Zombies MOD

There are 49 species of plants.

There are many different types of plants in Plants vs Zombies, including 49 types such as lotus, sunflower, purple mushroom, yellow mushroom, cactus, bean plant, etc. Each type of plant has its own special ability when planted. For example, bean plant shoots beans to attack zombies from a distance, mushroom shoots smoke but has a limited range, sunflower produces solar energy over time. You can collect this energy to plant more plants. Discover more when participating in the game.Download Plants vs Zombies MOD

Face off against 26 types of zombies

Defend your home from waves of zombies. You will have to face 26 different types of zombies. They used to be normal people before being infected with the virus and turned into zombies, such as villagers, workers, football players, artists, singers, witches, pole vaulters, etc. Each type of zombie has its own style and characteristics, expressed through endurance and attack ability. Zombies are usually easy to kill, but some special zombies will bring challenges. For example, wizards can summon new zombies every time.

Planting trees in the garden

In addition to fighting off zombie attacks, you can also plant a variety of plants in your garden. Each pot is neatly placed on each plot of land. You can choose and plant the desired plants, and monitor their growth. Water and fertilize them to help them grow best.

Plants vs Zombies

Currently, Plants vs Zombies has 22 mini-games, including Zombotany, Mini Game Pack 1, Mini Game Pack 2, and more. Each mini-game offers its own themed zombie-fighting experience, testing your strategy to defeat zombies or deploy zombie attack tactics to overcome defense barriers to enter houses. Each mini-game has its own gameplay for you to enjoy, and completing missions in any mini-game will bring monetary rewards.

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