Among Us 2024.6.18 MOD APK Menu PRO, Always imposter, all skins pet unlocked, Auto win, Fast speed

Among Us 2024.6.18 MOD APK Menu PRO, Always imposter, all skins pet unlocked, Auto win, Fast speed

By Ly Hoai Thu - July 10, 2024
Among Us  MOD APK 2024.6.18 Android
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Innersloth LLC
Size 102MB
Version 2024.6.18 (Latest)
Price FREE Google Play
Genre ,
Update July 10, 2024 (3 days ago )

Among Us is a popular strategy game that attracts many players. The main content is to detect and eliminate impostors in a spaceship. Players also have to complete missions to overcome challenges. This game is developed by Innersloth LLC and requires an internet connection or wifi network to participate. The mobile version of the game requires Android operating system from version 6.0 or higher.

Among Us – How to Eliminate the Impostor on the Spaceship

The game “Among Us” takes place on a spaceship where astronauts must keep the ship running. However, an imposter has infiltrated and is intent on destroying it. Their goal is to eliminate the entire crew and regain control. Players take on the role of astronauts and work with their teammates to find and eliminate the imposter. They must complete tasks and observe each other’s actions to detect the enemy. Ultimately, through discussion and voting, they will keep the ship safe and complete the mission.

Among Us MOD

There are 3 game modes

You can currently play the game in three different modes. Free mode allows you to play with AI-controlled characters and impostors. Local network mode allows you to play with friends on the same Wifi network. Online mode allows you to join many players from all over the world. Each mode has its own rules that you need to follow. Choose the right mode to explore and eliminate impostors on the spaceship.

Game Among Us MOD

The mission of astronauts

Among Us astronauts’ missions are based on gameplay. On the spaceship, each astronaut must complete different tasks. These tasks require specific requirements such as repairing broken wires, adjusting engine output, cleaning the combustion chamber, and transmitting data. Other tasks will be unlocked as new routes are explored. Each task has its own method of completion, such as connecting colored wires to repair, or waiting for the data download to complete at the transmission area.

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Actions of the Impostor

The role of the rogues on the spaceship is to create chaos. They perform a variety of actions to disrupt the astronauts’ mission, including destroying the ship’s operating systems and even assassinating them. These malicious actions must be detected and stopped through discussion and voting to eliminate suspicious individuals.

How to spot a fake

Detecting impostors on the ship is not easy. They are always trying to deceive and spread false information. To do this, you need to carefully observe the actions and movements of each player, paying special attention to repair activities and completing tasks. Think carefully about every word and information in the discussion, and attend meetings to compare information. To be successful, the team needs to trust each other and coordinate strategies well to eliminate impostors from the ship.

Among Us

Before you embark on your adventure on the ship in Among Us, you can customize your character with a variety of options. Including colors, hats, pets, and costumes, each of these options has many variations for you to be creative. For example, you can change colors like blue, red, yellow, orange, and many more to create your look. Additionally, you can also choose astronaut-style hats. With this flexibility, you can freely combine elements to create a unique character. Remember that you cannot choose the same color as other players, because the system will automatically remove the options that have been used.

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