Stumble Guys 0.75 MOD APK Menu PRO, Unlimited Full Money, Gems, All Unlocked, No Ads

Stumble Guys 0.75 MOD APK Menu PRO, Unlimited Full Money, Gems, All Unlocked, No Ads

By Ly Hoai Thu - July 10, 2024
Stumble Guys MOD APK 0.75 Android
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher Scopely
Size 90MB
Version 0.75 (Latest)
Price FREE Google Play
Update July 10, 2024 (3 days ago )

Join the game Stumble Guys with interesting side-scrolling gameplay. You will play as a cartoon character, start the racing journey with other players. Compete through the races to become the winner, receive attractive rewards and the champion title.

Stumble Guys is an online game that connects real players from all over the world through servers. Scopely has created a diverse map system, beautifully designed landscapes in many different environments, bringing a vibrant and engaging experience. Don’t miss the opportunity to try and discover new challenges in Stumble Guys.

Stumble Guys – Compete Live With Real Players

Take part in a knockout race in Stumble Guys. You will compete against up to 32 other players online. Compete through qualifying rounds to find the ultimate winner. Each round takes place in a random location. The first round starts with 32 players, working together to overcome obstacles. The first 16 to complete the goal will advance to the next round. Continue competing to find the 8 who can overcome the next challenge. The final round determines the champion. The last person standing wins and becomes the champion.

Stumble Guys MOD

Unlock multiple characters to choose from

The game offers a variety of characters to choose from, each with their own unique animation style and skins. For example, you can play as a young man, a girl, a detective in a suit, a firefighter, a doctor, a sailor, a chef, and more. Each character has its own unique appearance and outfit, easily recognizable by their hairstyle and hat. You can also customize your skin color with different shades such as dark skin, brown, green, pink, yellow, and many more.

Game Stumble Guys MOD

Many unique expressions through icons such as happy, sad, stylish, crown, heart and letters

Stumble Guys offers a variety of unique emotes through icons like happy, sad, cool, crown, heart, and letters. You can use them while competing with other players to express your emotions visually. However, note that in addition to some free icons at the beginning, you will need to unlock them to use other emotes.

Many movement styles are shown through the elimination race

To add to the appeal of the game, Stumble Guys offers a variety of unique character styles. Movement styles are shown through elimination races, such as walking, running, gymnastics, and parkour. Some other styles will be unlocked as the player progresses further in the game.

Tai Stumble Guys MOD

Diverse locations in different environments

The game takes place in a variety of locations, from sky roads, space asteroids, to amusement parks. Players can water slide down winding tubes, skate on ice, drive down ramps, and run through blocks on the road. Each location has its own unique landscape and weather conditions, providing a fresh experience. New locations will be discovered after each round.

Various obstacles

The elimination rounds to find the winner require players to overcome a variety of obstacles and challenges. For example, players will have to run across automatically rotating horizontal bars, jump over rough terrain, avoid randomly appearing rocks and deep holes. They will also have to jump continuously to avoid explosions from falling bombs, avoid burning lasers and find a way to leave the area safely. Many other obstacles will appear in new locations in Stumble Guys.

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  • Level 9999
  • Unlock Skin
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Stumble Guys’ character control mechanism is very optimal and easy to access. You will use the virtual joystick to navigate and move the character, just touch and rotate to avoid obstacles and move forward. In addition, you need to use the virtual arrow in the right corner of the screen to jump over obstacles. The game’s control mechanism is simple, but to combine flexibly and overcome all challenges requires no small skill.

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